Monday, June 13, 2011

The Franchise Weekend Morning Show's Sunday Shinny - June 12, 2011

In this episode of the Sunday Shinny Gary Whittaker, Nick Murdocco, Kamal Panesar and Amanda Stein discuss the following:

The Stanley Cup finals:
-Was this the series you were expecting?
-In the end what does this series come down to? Goaltending? Sedins?, Bruins Forwards stepping it up?

The Aaron Rome Suspension
-Too much? Not enough? Or just right?
-Why did they look at injury to Horton, but not for other similar infractions?
-Is there a hypocrisy in Bruins thinking? Horton was tweeting and visiting team in same time span as Max Pac...
-Is this the step towards the bigger picture re headshots, regardless?

Habs sign Darche and AK46.. done already...
-Who do the Habs need to confirm next? (Markov, Gorges, Max Pac, DD, White?
-Do they surprise everyone and go off the charts with another UFA at forward?
-If they stand pat with relatively same squad as last year: better worse or same result?

Click play below to listen in (listing time 48:58):


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