Monday, February 21, 2011

The Team 990's Sunday Shinny - Episode 10 - February 20, 2011

With Nick home sick with strep throat, Gary Whittaker and Kamal Panesar welcome Kevin Mio, online editor of the Montreal Gazette to the Shinny.

Topics include:
-we play the role of GM of the Canadiens, and define the team needs going into the trade deadline
-we evaluate the current level of value that the Canadiens have to offer
-we look ahead to the Heritage Classic game in Calgary

Click play below to listen in (listing time 39:45):


Will the Canadiens get some help??

Hi Charles and thanks for your comment!

Well that really is the million dollar question of the day isn't it?

With the Canadiens guarding their information so tightly it is very difficult to know what, if anything, they will do.

One thing's for certain and that is the Gauthier and his team are actively scouting other teams and having discussions about trades.

This doesn't mean that anything will necessarily happen, and knowing Gauthier's style if he does make a trade, it is likely to be a minor move rather than a blockbuster.

That being said, he still has six days left so you never know!

As i watch the Canadiens this season I see a team that seems to play two three games really well and then the bottom falls out. The season started poorly and then the win in Winnipeg which made things look like they were on the right foot and it all came undone. Then four wins and boom again it fell apart. Is this the type of season we're looking at sometimes up sometimes down??? Carey seems to be solid and Budaj played a great game Saturday night which was encouraging as his 1st game was a loss, but he played a great game that night even with that being a loss. I guess we need Markov back and Campolli all that would be great, Cammelleri played like he was stilled injured Saturday night, but even at that he got off a couple of great shots on Rinnie. Well lets hope tonight against Buffalo the Habs get another home win, the last time they played against them they out shot them by a huge margin but couldn't beat Miller. Go Habs Go!!!!

Good stuff Charles!

To be honest, yes, this likely is the type of season the Habs are in for.

You see they are not talented enough to do much more. As such, their margin of error is razor thin. So when their goaltender doesn't play an oustanding game, when their PP and PK and not working, when the team is a little disorganized they just won't win.

The Habs need their goaltender to be the first star and/or to score at least one PP goal per game in order to win. That is just the reality of the talent in the lineup and the system the coach uses.

The Sabres seem ripe for a fall tonight, but you never know.

Cammalleri is a game time decision and Miller is out with a concussion.

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