Saturday, October 23, 2010

HabsTalk Roundup - Episode Two - October 23, 2010

Habstalk podcast episode two with Kamal Panesar from and Rick from

In this podcast, Rick and I discuss the Canadiens performance over the first five games of the season, rookie Lars Eller's role on the team, goaltending strength, defensive weaknesses, and more.

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2 comments: Ep 2 of the Podcast. I cant believe there are no comments here yet. I agree with most everything you guys said. I have some questions to throw at you. What happens when AM79 returns...who does he get paired with? Is it going to be with PK Subban since Josh+Hal, and Jaro+Hamr are familiar pairs? Also, I have heard Jacques wont play Eller with Capt. and Gomez due to harming his development. I dont understand that, how is making plays and racking up points going to hurt his development. His 2nd line linemates are stellar defensive guys so Lars would be able to fly around and be a sniper. I think if it is not Lars it needs to be MaxLap, Moen was a great fit on the 2nd line but i agree he has no hands, Lapierre at least has some hands and brings the same grit. After an inspired preseason Max seems to be invisible on 3rd/4th line duties. I say give Max a chance. Overall I am loving the Habs and Carey's early season success. I look forward to the rest of the season and many future Podcasts. Keep up the good work guys.

Hi David and thanks for your comment!

Thanks for listening in and I'm really happy that you liked the podcast!

I think that when Markov is back there are two likely scenarios: 1 - Markov is paired with Subban and they form a power duo or 2 - (My preference) is that Markov is paired with Spacek and Hamrlik is paired with Subban. Option two would balance things out a bit more methinks.

That being said, you can't go wrong with trying PK and Markie together. They would make a sick duo.

The problem with Eller on the wing is that he really is not a goal scorer but a playermaker. I'm sure he could try and transition, as some players do, but all indications are that playmaking and being a center are really his best fits. As such, some of his skills might be wasted on the wing.

I think that is a minor concern, however, and I would take the chance and try it out. Failing that, I agree with your Lapierre idea. Those two need someone with finish and Moen, for all his hard work—and despite his goal last night—is not the best finisher in the world.

Thanks again!

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